38°41'42.0"N 104°59'09.6"W, 2019


Sleepwalkers, a one-day exhibition at Elk Glade Ranch with work by Linda Pedersen, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Tora Shultz Larsen, Eugene Sandelius Von Rosen, Linnéa Gad, Josef Bull.


Soundscape by Team Rockit

Curated by Lauren Johnson

Pictures by Olivia Snyder


Sleepwalkers - You have travelled from distant lands to this valley in the clouds; 10,000 ft. beyond humans and time.


The whole of existence, a ceremonial existence, lives, hates, loves on within this valley.


The bones of Midnight rest on the hillside. Whiskey and blood run through the creek. It’s rumored that treasure is hidden beneath the homesteads and in the caves.


We will ride through this liminal space on horseback. An old gold miner’s lodge will act as home base. As we ride, look out for blue signs. They mark totems that may offer guidance.


We have gathered here as sleepwalkers, walking through life half-awake, oblivious to the dream. Here, we awake to our origins. The ancient and eternal stirs within us and pulses through our veins. We are part of the dream.


As conscious sleepwalkers we must decide.

A forgetful slumber - ignoring our origins and denying the dream?

Or continue dreaming to sustain ourselves, the valley, the dream...existence?


[We] have to go on dreaming in order not to be destroyed: as the sleepwalker has to go on dreaming in order not to fall (Nietzsche, The Gay Science).


Wake up! Sleep! Are they not one in the same?